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 File An Objection on Penalty

If you believe that your penalty liability is not correct, this service allows you to file an objection.

Beneficiaries of the service

 All VAT registered taxpayers

What you will need

 Reason for objection (The taxpayer is fully responsible for delivering the additional documents required by the Authority within the specified period).
Bank guarantee of the total amount of new VAT not paid, including fines calculated as a percentage of VAT.
Bank guarantee is not required in case of objection to fines stipulated by the system in fixed amounts.
Bank guarantee for VAT-related fines requires, but is not limited to, fines for wrongful declaration.
In case the taxpayer wishes to object to the evaluation and the fines thereof, the taxpayer shall submit an objection to the evaluation at the beginning.
In case of objection to the fines without objecting to the evaluation, this is an acknowledgment by the taxpayer that the evaluation is correct and is not entitled to object to it.

Service Steps


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