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 ​The Implementing Regulation for Zakat collection

​The Implementing Regulation for Zakat collection was issued by the resolution of His Excellency the Minister of Finance No. (2216) dated 7-7-1440H, which states that this regulation replaces the regulation issued by Ministerial Resolution No. (2082) dated 1-6-1438H and all previous resolutions, instructions and circulars. It applies to the fiscal years beginning on and after 1-1-2019 for all taxpayers, except those who are taxed according to the estimations as stipulated in Chapter IV of the Regulations, as it will apply on their tax returns filled after 31/12/2019. 

Link​: ‏اللائحة التنفيذية لجباية الزكاة الصادرة بالقرار الوزاري رقم 2216 وتاريخ 7-7-1440