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 Implementing Regulations of Income Tax law

The provisions of the Implementing Regulations of Income Tax law shall apply to ‎resident capital companies with respect to shares of non-Saudi partners, whether they ‎are resident or non-resident natural or legal persons. Shares of non-Saudi partners in ‎resident capital companies shall not include shares of non-Saudis held for speculation ‎purposes through trading shares of joint stock companies in the Saudi Stock ‎Exchange. Shares of non-Saudis in mixed companies, which are partners in resident ‎capital companies, are not considered Saudi shares for the purposes of this Law. 

The Provisions of the Implementing Regulations shall also apply to natural or legal ‎nonresident persons, whether Saudis or non-Saudis, who conduct business in the ‎Kingdom through a permanent establishment or generate income within the Kingdom.‎​

You can access the Implementing Regulations of Income Tax law by visiting the following link: Incom​e Tax System​​