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 How to get ready?


For December 4th​, 2021, taxpayers should:

Stop issuing manual invoices: handwritten invoices and invoices written using text editing tools are not considered e-invoices

Use a compliant electronic invoicing solution: e-invoicing solutions must comply with the requirements and specifications published under the e-invoicing laws and regulations and can be summarized for Phase 1 as follows:

  • Ability to generate e-invoices with the required elements including QR codes
  • Ability to timestamp the e-invoice copies archived in the solution
  • Absence of prohibited functionalities:
    • Uncontrolled access
    • Software time change
    • Tampering of e-invoices or logs
    • Multiple invoice sequences​

Ensure invoices include the required additional fields:

Tax invoice

Add the VAT number of buyer if the buyer is registered VAT taxpayer

Simplified Tax in​voice

A Mandatory QR Code genereted by taxpayer's E-invoicing solution in accordance​​​ with ZATCA's specifications​



Businesses are recommended to follow the 4 steps below to ensure timely readiness for e-invoicing:
  1. Understand e-invoicing requirements: familiarize yourself with e-invoicing leveraging the materials available on this website
  2. Acquire or upgrade to a compliant e-invoicing solution:
  3. Taxpayers can approach a solution provider or their internal technical teams to acquire or upgrade to a compliant solution.​

  4.  Test your e-invoicing solution: test your e-invoicing solution before 1 December 2021 to ensure invoices are issued correctly
  5. Ensure your staff is ready: create awareness amongst your staff and ensure relevant staff is familiar with your e-invoicing solutions​​